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Meanwhile, a young woman makes out with a masked man in an alley. He affectionately kisses her neck but, when she looks down, she sees blood running down her body. the dvd covers man smiles, revealing blood on his fangs. the dvd covers woman screams and makes her way cover the dvd covers street where the dvd covers people are gathered for the dvd covers parade. Emma and Henry walk by in costume, but ignore her,

dvd covers

movie covers

thinking she’s just another drunk party-goer covered in make-up blood. the dvd covers woman turns around cover see the dvd covers vampire standing behind her and screams as he swings his cloak around her. He leaves her dead body on the dvd covers sidewalk leaning against a building, as if she’s merely passed out, and walks away.he eight jack-o-lanterns collected represent Later, a heavily bandaged Kreeg answers the dvd covers doorbell cover give candy cover some trick-or-treaters. From his porch, he sees Sam go towards Emma and Henrys house across the dvd covers way just as she is blowing out the dvd covers candle cover one of her jack-o-lanterns. Rhonda then walks by along the dvd covers street, pulling her wagon absent-mindedly, and is almost hit by a car carrying the dvd covers werewolf girls, laughing in human form. Billy Wilkins sits on his porch handing out candy, wearing a costume cover mimic his fathers appearance complete with glasses and bloody shirt, unaware that his father is dead. Kreeg walks back inside and the dvd covers bell rings again. He opens it cover see the dvd covers children from the dvd covers bus massacre standing on his porch. the dvd covers boy with the dvd covers Samantha tries cover do homework but finds the dvd covers house creepy. She orders a pizza and, while dancing around the dvd covers house listening cover her Walkman, accidentally breaks a vase. While cleaning it up, she sees that the dvd covers closet is full of fur coats. She also finds a box full of photos of a family other than the dvd covers Ulmans, posing in front of the dvd covers house and a car that Samantha saw in the dvd covers driveway earlier. Victor delivers the dvd covers pizza cover Samantha, then wanders around the dvd covers property cover keep an eye on her.vampire mask says trick r treat and extends his bag before the dvd covers children leap forward and begin cover rip Kreeg apart. lost that day and are meant cover be left at the dvd covers lakeside as an offering. They walk cover a rickety elevator and Macy, Sara, and Schrader get in with their pumpkins cover go down cover the dvd covers lake.

Since the dvd covers elevator will only hold three at a time, Chip and Rhonda wait for it cover come back for them. On their way down, they hear the dvd covers panicked cries and screams of the dvd covers other three and watch as the dvd covers lights of their jack-o-lanterns go out in the dvd covers mist. Rhonda tells Chip cover stay in the dvd covers elevator with the dvd covers remaining pumpkins, saying that they will protect him, as she goes cover investigate. Walking through the dvd covers mist, she eventually comes cover the dvd covers wreckage of the dvd covers half submerged school bus and sees the dvd covers masks of the dvd covers others floating in the dvd covers water. She is suddenly attacked by two water-drenched figures covered in chains and runs cover see a third disemboweling Chip. As they chase her, Rhonda drops and steps on her

movie covers

dvd covers

glasses before tripping and hitting her head on a rock, blacking out. When she comes to, she sees the dvd covers figures standing over her and screams in fear but one of them, actually Schrader in disguise, explains that it was just a cruel prank played by all of them and tries cover apologize. Macy is unremorseful and kicks a still lit jack-o-lantern into the dvd covers lake as whispers and giggles suddenly echo out of the dvd covers mist. Schrader leads Rhonda cover the elevator and, when he hears the dvd covers others screaming, tells her cover stay put while he goes cover see what’s wrong, though he suspects another ruse. But when he meets up with the dvd covers others they all see the dvd covers figures of the dvd covers eight dead children rise out of the dvd covers lake, still tied in their chains.

They run for the dvd covers elevator though Sara is caught by a strand of chains and dragged away. the dvd covers other three make it cover the dvd covers elevator cover see Rhonda locked inside with the dvd covers rest of the dvd covers jack-o-lanterns, looking sullen but calm. They beg her cover open the dvd covers door but Rhonda, seemingly in a daze, presses the dvd covers button cover go up and leaves the dvd covers others cover their fate as the dvd covers ghost children surround them. Rhonda exits the dvd covers elevator and leaves the dvd covers quarry, towing her pumpkins in her red wagon. She briefly looks at and passes Sam, sitting inside a cement pipe, as Macy, Schrader, and Chip scream and are ripped apart.When she awakes, she is gagged and tied cover a slab in the dvd covers basement, surrounded by satanic symbols. the dvd covers Ulmans — including their son, Victor — and a dwarfish demon enter. the dvd covers demon draws a pentagram on Samantha’s belly, then tries cover force her cover drink blood from a bizarre animal skull. Samantha breaks free of her bonds and rushes upstairs. Seeing Megan’s body in the dvd covers kitchen, Samantha grabs a knife.

Victor chases her and shoots her in the dvd covers shoulder but she slits his throat, killing him. Samantha is wracked with abdominal pain and flashes of demonic faces. Mrs. Ulman corners her in a bedroom and tells her that it is too late for Samantha cover alter the dvd covers plan. Mrs. Ulman is distracted when she believes the dvd covers eclipse is sending her a message from Satan, and Samantha stabs her in the dvd covers back. Grabbing Victor’s gun, Samantha flees from the dvd covers house, pursued by Mr. Ulman, who was wounded when Samantha escaped from the basement. He tries cover calm her down and tells her that Satan will arrive as soon as the dvd covers eclipse is over. Believing it cover be the dvd covers only solution, Samantha shoots herself in the dvd covers head. At the dvd covers bonfire party in the dvd covers woods, Danielle stands alone worrying about Laurie. the dvd covers others assure her that Laurie’s fine but Danielle wonders, saying that their mother “always said Laurie was the dvd covers runt of the dvd covers litter”. As Laurie walks down a dimly lit path in the dvd covers woods, she senses someone is following her and shouts out that she’s not in the dvd covers mood and they’d better come out. When no one responds, she turns and comes face cover face with the dvd covers vampire. He grabs her by the  neck and holds her against a tree, saying, “My, my, what big eyes you have”, before biting her neck. At the dvd covers party, the dvd covers girls are startled when a cloaked body falls out of a tree near the dvd covers fire. Danielle nervously approaches the dvd covers body and removes the dvd covers cloak cover see the dvd covers vampire, bleeding and begging for help. His mask is removed and Principal Wilkins blinks in the dvd covers fire light, whimpering. Laurie appears and assures everyone she’s ok, despite the dvd covers blood oozing from her neck. She approaches Wilkins and straddles him, telling him cover bear with her since it’s her first time. the dvd covers other girls start cover dance as Wilkins looks around in shock cover see that all of their dates are dead.

Laurie removes his fake fangs as the dvd covers girls rip off their skin, revealing coarse fur and lupine fangs. Laurie begins cover change herself and leans down cover Wilkins cover whisper “My, my, what big eyes you have” before lunging into Wilkins’ neck. the dvd covers other werewolves finish the  remains of their dates, howling at the dvd covers moon, as Sam looks on from a nearby log.

  1. dalton says:

    Local newscasters talk about how astronomers are confused that the moon seemed to move through the eclipse more quickly than it should have. Samantha lays comatose in a hospital bed but she and her baby are expected to make a full recovery.

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    final confrontation ensues between Sarah and the woman, with both of them injuring each other via various household appliances. Sarah manages to gain the upper hand on her attacker and burns cover off half the woman’s face with anUpon developing her photos, Sarah recognizes the woman in the background of an earlier photo that Sarah had taken, indicating she was stalking Sarah. Sarah telephones her employer, asking to have the photos enhanced. aerosol dvd covers container and a lighted cigarette. The woman flees, and upon being cornered by Sarah, reveals her identity; she was the other driver in Sarah’s car accident and, being pregnant at the time, had suffered a miscarriage and lost her child.

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