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Posted: August 9, 2012 in covercity, Free packaging films, movie covers

One quiet day series of large explosions rocked Los Angeles. The terrorist attack is extremely effective. The explosions killed hundreds of people, hurrying, like every day for work. But charges also include gun running late – explosions in the city distribute dust containing colonies of deadly

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explosions. The city is paralyzed, people are invited to stay at home and waiting for further directives of local authorities. Which for a long time is not spent … Chaos and panic is growing, the military intervenes. Gorak, previously working on the plan include as a designer, this is the first time trying his hand as a director and screenwriter. With varying degrees of success. On the one hand in the first half of the film minimalist means he manages to quite successfully create considerable tension. First, the audience granted to the mood of the main character, lost in the chaos, uncertainty and ignorance. Is then faced with a dilemma – how to keep up to the nearest person who can be a carrier of the deadly virus. But the idea is not enough for long. In the second part of the movie and the speed and tension clearly weakens and to tighten to the prescribed length and a half hours, Gorak weaves a number of conversations irrelevant to the story that just watering down his story. It seems that the “Holocaust” would make a lot better as an hour (including advertising) episode television series – for example from the “other side”. Both the climate and the issues, well-fit by him.

But if someone thinks that it sees everything in the film “Holocaust” (by the way misses title of the Polish distributor, in the original movie is called “Right at Your Door” – “At your door”), it is roughly mistaken. Chris Gorak film is a typical representative of the low-budget independent production, design, copyright (indeed shown at Sundance). Information about the terrorist attack here derive from the radio, you listen to her husband, worrying about the fate of his wife, who this morning went to the center.

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Place the film almost entirely confined to one house, information about the outside world provide the media, is set in motion all the shares of four characters – a husband, wife (returning home after the attack, with suspicion of infection), a worker who protects the home and son neighbors. The whole could easily function as a theater piece – especially if the U.S. were known concept of “Television Theatre”. DVD cover for “destruction” are made by smoke. Jarek performs covers and dvd covers blu-ray, such as the “destruction” and make them available by the DVD cover CoverCity. This site provides free dvd cover art for the film destruction.


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