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Posted: August 9, 2012 in good movie, movie

“Trip to Asia” is not a story about music, but about the people who create it. Classic songs by Strauss and Beethoven, which constitute a shaft Asian tour program, are in themselves abstract, fragments of someone’s imagination saved thousands of the staff, inviting them to interpret. Only humans carry composed the score in real space in which to listen to are all eager, they are the medium explaining the work of timeless genius of the language the average reader, while putting the compositions played themselves, and thus constantly creating something new. Awareness of this seemingly simple fact is probably the most valuable feature of the “Journey to Asia”, the document a robust, albeit somewhat less finezyjnego. Berlin Philharmonic (Berliner Philharmoniker) is one of the most famous symphony orchestras in the world.Their consisting of six concerts Asian tour (Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo)


dvd covers

was used for in-depth documentary analysis of the phenomenon of international orchestras. Thick there with a camera almost everywhere: przepytuje individual members of the orchestra in their hotel rooms, appears at rehearsals and concerts, shooting behind the scenes, even at night on the plane. He tries to show the orchestra members from every side: as husbands, wives, friends, employees, and above all – artists.


They are accompanied during the entire Asian tour, revealing a kaleidoscope of individuals operating with each other on a symbiotic system of professional connections. It is a closed microcosm, which is extremely difficult to penetrate, enough to say that Grube is the first documentary filmmaker, who managed to show the life of the famous orchestra so close. He talks to artists about the hardships and znojach this specific profession, and the need to find yourself a personal space where you can relieve the constant drudgery. For some, it is staying with a family, for others a ride on a bike. He takes them to the personal confessions about the approach to work in the orchestra, stretched between the desire to make the best craftsmanship, and understanding of the profession, as a specific mission to bring beauty and peace.


Perhaps for that reason were also somewhat to focus on the extraordinary atmosphere of the same performances that performed by the Berlin Philharmonic (and thanks to skillful assembly record from multiple cameras) turn into exciting performances full of discipline and

movie covers

dvd covers

rhythm while improvising based on the interaction between individual members orchestra. Dvd cover art for “Journey to Asia” are made by Roland Grasshopper. Roland does cover dvd and blu-ray cover, such as the “Trip to Asia” and makes it available to the. This site provides free dvd cover art for the movie Journey to Asia.


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