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Long, long ago in a distant land lived the evil queen, who instructed his hunter to kill the only female prettier than herself. She had not expected, however, that the subordinate objects to the orders and instead of killing Snow White … teach her the art of Snow White & the Huntsmanwar. Unusual new incarnation of the legendary fairy tale by Joe Roth. One of the most anticipated premier of the year. The realized on a grand scale adventure film Kristen Stewart (saga “Twilight”) plays the role of the beautiful Snow – the only person on earth that dares to be more beautiful than the Evil Queen (played by Academy Award winner Charlize Theron). The aim of the Queen becomes the slaying of Beauty. To this end, it sends the absolute Hunter (Chris Hemsworth – “Thor”). Is princess manages to fulfill his destiny and put an end to darkness, which is mired land since the death of her father?